• 4 Ways to Keep Your Military Marriage STRONG During Deployments Posted by Admin

    While dating these folks is invigorating, focusing on the way of life for the whole deal ought to be precisely considered. As indicated by late AP insights, separate rates in the military have "ascended because of the two continuous wars... [In 2008 alone] there were an expected 10,200 fizzled relational unions in the dynamic obligation Army… that is 3.5 percent among more than 287,000 wedded troops in the Army." To guarantee you avoid this peril zone, here are a few devices I've utilized for my own better half in uniform that you can apply when playing house with Sergeant Sexy:

    1. Keep work request basic: , Asking your accomplice how his day was is respectful and is energized by dating specialists. For 9-to-5ers, this is the standard. Not really so with the formally dressed. Cops and firefighters may talk when asked, however in the event that he's in the military, odds are his obligations are private, particularly after organization abroad. Things being what they are, the place does this abandon you? My recommendation is K.I.S.S: keep request straightforward, sister!

    2. Be adaptable: Despite the fact that they aren't specialists, men who ensure and serve are available to come back to work twenty-four hours a day, seven days seven days. Also, recall, fiasco doesn't take excursion either, which implies

    Dating a person in uniform takes a ton of tolerance and adaptability. One procedure when making arrangements is to utilize a pencil in your date book. This will keep your logbook from resembling a Rorschach inkblot.

    3. Translating "Young men's Night Out: Camaraderie is the establishment of survival for servicemen the nation over. Since the fear monger assaults on September 11, 2001, there have been more remembrances, pledge drives, and other sorted out occasions than at any other time. Unwritten standards in firehouses, police headquarters, and army installations across the nation require fraternity participation, so women please cut your man slack. Try not to misunderstand me, NO person ought to utilize these excursions as a way to get smashed with his mates and jettison out on his obligations to your or his family, however comprehend that social occasions are normal.

    4. Making decent: A decent chuckle among similarly invested ladies who "get it" can advance your relationship. When I was a novice going to a formal with my fire fighter, I found that being genial immediately placed me in a great light. I rapidly started making arrangements with other people who utilized pencils in their organizers!

    It takes a solid, sure lady to date a man in uniform. Taking care of instabilities is an occupation in itself, yet the prizes of being with a legend (from watching him slip into his apparatus to seeing his brave activities caught in nearby daily papers) are extremely valuable.

    Dr. Raymond says this isn't exceptional. "These men, who are the embodiment of adulthood and quality, may require dealing with once the uniform is evacuated. Also, while this may trigger maternal impulses in his lady, it is a distinct difference to the solid and reliable person he is in uniform.

    Be that as it may,

    uniform dating isn't for everybody that we know about. Nonetheless, when you conclude that you think you have what it takes, it is a satisfying knowledge that emerges from your past connections. In spite of the fact that we may not ensure prompt accomplishment, there are a few things that merit investing more energy for, won't you concur?

  • What’s the Deal with the Uniform Attraction? Posted by Admin

    People in uniform belong to a very special category. They are heroes. They’ve committed their lives to the service of others. Their personal affairs take a back seat to their sense of duty and loyalty to what their uniform represents.

    Uniformed people have a popular appeal. We expect to see heroes in firemen, police officers and military personnel. We expect self-sacrifice in nurses, doctors and emergency response teams. We even expect that long hours and unexpected calls to duty can interrupt the dating scene. What we often forget, however, is that behind that uniform is an individual with personal needs, tastes and interests.

    When enjoying uniformed dating, you may find someone who likes to talk about daily events or harrowing experiences, or someone who would rather leave the work place behind once she or he has a little free time. You may find someone who enjoys a little pampering after a long day on their feet and would just as soon enjoy a nice dinner and a night cap rather than to go dancing. While learning patience for interrupted dates, also teach yourself a sensitivity toward the person behind the uniform.

    The Face of Danger

    Some uniformed jobs, such as the police force, military personnel, firemen, and Coast Guard services are so dangerous, support groups are formed when the significant other is on duty. If you are dating someone who has a dangerous occupation, you may experience heightened anxieties as your attachments to the person grow stronger. Talk freely with your date about your worries, but don’t expect an occupational change. If you’re the uniformed date, speak as frankly as possible about the reasons you chose a career that places your life in the line of fire.

    Unending Sacrifice

    Medical professionals spend long hours on their feet dealing with crisis and life or death situations. The pressure on them is enormous. If your date is a nurse, she would probably enjoy a little massage therapy to an evening of bowling.

    Don’t expect your date to be a witty conversationalist. That conversation is often reserved to counseling patients, their families or for remedial situations. Their brains have been wired to hours of study, and their goals are usually simply to unwind at the end of their work schedule. If your uniformed date seems reserved, it’s probably because your date is tired. Be the one who adds a special sparkle and who cares that their date just finished a twelve hour shift because of an emergency.

    Other Considerations

    Uniformed people often have a great deal of trouble finding dates and keeping the attraction lively. Their work schedules don’t permit them a great deal of socialization beyond public service, and they often miss out on parties, festivities and even the holidays. Many of them gravitate in circles that include other uniformed personnel as they develop common understandings of the demands placed on their uniforms.

    Dating a person in uniform means you are the most likely one to initiate a relationship. You are the one who must put aside your personal agenda and respond with patience, care and understanding. You are the one dating a hero and your date deserves a little heroics.

  • Tips for Dating Singles in Uniform Posted by Admin

    Are you tired of boys? Are you ready to meet a real man? Then think uniform! One of the best looks you will ever see in terms of attractiveness is the man in uniform. He looks strong, disciplined and attentive and that’s precisely what the army has taught him to be. The only question remains, “Where do I meet all these great guys?”

    Here are a few suggestions, some extreme and some surprisingly easy.

    1.Join the military yourself.

    Yes, this is certainly the most drastic action, but if you’re fearless anyway and want the “best of the best” of soldiers, it’s a great way to mingle with army men. You get to work up close with them, see them at their best and worst, and bond with them not only as a friend and maybe a lover—but as a fellow patriot.

    2.Get a job at a military base.

    Believe it or not, you don’t always have to join the army just to get inside a base. You can take a part time job, attend a public event, see an air show, or take a tour of a war museum. You will need an ID to get in, but the process isn’t as strenuous as you might think. This is a good way to introduce yourself to some of the local military men.

    3.Make friends with someone who has a military spouse.

    If you have a girlfriend that has a boyfriend or husband in the military, you may be able to find a great catch by hooking up with a friend of a friend. This is what you might call a “pre-screened date” since you not only get a man in uniform, but you also get someone your friend thinks highly of and has “screened” to make sure they meet the minimum level of attractiveness, kindness and sanity!

    4.Use an online uniformed dating app or dating site that matches military and military or military and civilians.

    Both are options are doable—sites that let you find a man in uniform or sites that let you find someone else single in the military. These sites do a service by filtering out the wrong type of partner. Women who can’t accept a man who leaves several times a year for deployment are not going to be happy in this type of relationship. Therefore, finding someone who understands firsthand the pressures, challenges and joys of being in the service can only help. You may be able to start off as pen pals, then online, and then later meet in person.

    5.Try a bar, club or restaurant.

    Bars are definitely hit and miss, and clubs are ear-achingly loud. But rest assured if there is a hot local military guy in town, he does hit up the most popular spot and usually gets in because of the uniform! Along the same lines, if you find a waitressing job in a popular restaurant, you will have the opportunity to meet a variety of men, including army men, and get all the attention you want with the right to say yes or no to whoever you like. Waitressing is a good way to flirt and spark interest without committing anything too soon. The good news is, most uniformed men are very forward and confident and WILL ask you out if they think you’re interesting. All you really have to do is look pretty and say yes!

  • 6 Advantages of Uniform Dating Posted by Admin

    Have you always been attracted to someone in uniform? It’s not just the outfit, believe it or not. Sometimes the idea of a man or woman in uniform, and the qualities behind that uniform, are what’s really attractive. When a person joins the military, he or she chooses a difficult assignment and one that builds character, deep inner strength and a strong sense of loyalty. Here are six benefits to dating someone who wears the uniform and brings honor to their country.

    1.Protective and Strong

    Men and women in the military are protective of their partner and it’s the loyalty they learn while serving on duty. They learn to help one another, support the team and never leave someone behind. They also take this philosophy to a relationship and they love their partners deeply.

    2.Very Respectful

    Uniform men and women tend to be very conscious of social etiquette. Maybe it comes from years of taking orders and not asking questions! Gentleman are very chivalrous and go out of their way to make sure their date is comfortable. Women are also attentive and respectful. Military women have nothing to prove. They’ve already earned respect through their actions and they know their own strength.

    3.Physical Strength

    Military personnel and ex-military singles stay in good shape. They probably came from a very active lifestyle and kept it up even after returning home. This means they are up to party, very good in bed and usually in very good health. Women do admire a man in uniform who is strong enough to pick her up, while athletic men certainly appreciate a military woman who can be just as active and physically fit as they are.

    4.Discipline and Persistence

    You can’t really be in the military if you lack discipline. That not only means following orders, but also taking the initiative to finish something when you start it. Military members build their entire lives around discipline and that explains why they are career-minded, persistent and ready to succeed in everything they do.

    5.Extremely Intelligent

    Military men and women have to be conscious of the world around them and probably know quite a bit about world history, politics, weapons and technology, and other interest subjects. They also have many stories to tell, some funny and some emotional. One thing’s for sure…you never get bored when a soldier is talking.

    6.Knows How to Kick Butt

    Well this may be a little juvenile, but it’s hard to deny that a man who knows how to fight and actually really hurt someone if he needs to, does give a woman a great sense of security. She feels protected in his arms and turned on at the idea of a dangerous man falling in love with her. Similarly, many men today love women who can fight dirty and brutal just like a man—just look at how popular Ronda Rousey is!

    As you can see it’s not just the uniform itself, but all that the label of soldier entails. Honor, discipline, physical prowess and dedication—all the qualities that make a good partner too!

  • Uniform Dating is Hero Dating! A New App That Connects Heroes to Each Other Posted by Admin

    When you put on a uniform, you’ve made a special commitment of service to others. You are part of a team. Your actions are part of a team effort and reflect the values of your chosen organization.

    Uniform Individuality

    It takes a very special person to put on a uniform, as in some ways, your individuality disappears. What the public sees is a doctor, a nurse, a policeman or military personnel, but who you are, as a unique individual with specific tastes, hobbies and interests isn’t as apparent as your choice in careers. For singles, this can often be awkward. It’s hard to express yourself if all your date remembers is the uniform..

    The Uniformed Dating App was designed especially for uniformed and military singles who desire an online dating platform. It is an opportunity for thousands of fire fighters, pilots, stewardesses, medical professionals, and other uniformed service providers to contact each other and present a profile for those who want to meet a uniformed hero.

    The Advantages of the Hero Dating App

    With the Hero Dating App, you have complete control over your profile, with options for sharing your photos with other members and viewing their own profiles and photos. You find your own matches through a simple “yes” or “no” format. If both you and another member both swipe “yes”, you have a match to begin exchanging communications and personal information.

    You can contact others from your members list anytime you want, from any location. The application is free, user-friendly, with an interactive format. Your special commitment to your uniform will be understood by others who have also expressed loyalty to their service and have faced the same challenges in communications.

    The Virtual Dating World

    A uniform can be a magnet or a barrier for the single person trying to find a match in a physical world that often calls upon that uniform’s services for emergencies, life and death situations and emotional crisis. Online dating has made it easier for the uniformed personnel to be seen as individuals, with their own personal desires and hopes for the future. A general statement can quickly be narrowed down to specific categories of mutual interests and goals. The search for the perfect match becomes broad based, going beyond the parameters of geographic environment to include a national and international perspective.

    Finding that perfect match, however, takes patience. With the Uniformed Dating App, you will find thousands of uniformed members from all over the world, each with their own unique profile. You need to take your time to find that soul mate, who could be half-way across the world, or just around the corner of your neighborhood.